Here are a couple of quick pilates exercises you can try out at home. 

Let us know how they went.

Part 4: Scapula Stabilisation

Cyclists tend to focus majority of their training understandable on their lower body. Shoulder stabilization and position is something that we don’t always focus on, but it can be a big cause of feelings of discomfort on the bike. Incorrect functioning of the scapula stabilizers can lead to injuries of the shoulder joint, upper back and neck. Here is a simple exercise that can help you become aware of your posture and strengthen up those stabilizer muscles.

  1. Lie on your back, head resting on the ground (you may want to grab a pillow for this). Hand rest next to the body.
  2. Feel the position of the shoulders, they should be rolled forward.
  3. Imagine squeezing the shoulder blades together, at the same time reaching the shoulders away from the ears (this is called ‘setting your scapula).
  4. Slowly lift the arms, keeping the scapula set.
  5. Then lower the arms down, THEN lower the shoulders down.
  6. If this is simple, you can take your arms out at 90 degrees to your side and completing the same 4- part movement- shoulders lift, arms lift, arms lower, shoulders lower.
  7. Make sure you are not feeling this in your neck- if you do- try dropping the shoulders away from the ears.
  8. 12 repetitions x 3 rounds.

You can add load to this exercise by using a set of light dumbbells in each hand. It is important to get the shoulder blade movement correct before attempting adding weights. Make sure you are not shrugging the shoulders up towards the ears and activating the wrong muscles.

Try doing 12 reps x 3 sets with light weights to begin with.

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PART  4: