My partner and I aren’t small guys. We also aren’t the youngest bucks in the field but hey we still want to at least feel that we look good going slow! Step up CIOVITA. We were offered a media entry into W2W’ with 6 weeks to go and immediately called up Charl Neethling, marketing manager at Ciovita in a panic, we needed new kit. Understandably the custom kit production lines were full, but these guys are professional and there isn’t much that they haven’t seen or done since they raced through the ranks to be the top cycling kit brand in Mzansi, so a solution was quickly suggested. We could choose the best jerseys for our style of riding and body shape, these from their four style options – race snake to… well us really. Being bigger lads, it was a no-brainer to go for the Sport fit options, not only well priced but also a much more comfortable fit for us weekend warriors. The jerseys while practical also looked amazing. CIOVITA made sure that our branding was vinyl transferred well in time and quite honestly, they did exactly what we needed. Our brand was highly visible and the shirts are so lekker that we will be wearing them for years to come.

We hit a mixed bag of weather on this year’s Wines, the first two days were hot as Hades and the last day pretty cool with a smattering of rain. Not once were either me or my partner uncomfortable or in any way bothered by our shirts. The material did exactly what it was meant to do, move moisture away from the body and allowing it to dry quickly so no chafing and it helps your body regulate the heat. We had black and navy shirts and believe me this technology works. I don’t have a radiator and feel the heat but besides pouring water over my head at the odd water table I managed the heat fine. Of course when we were caught in the rain shower on the last day the quick drying material was also a bonus meaning we never had wet shirts for very long and we could manage the cold a lot better. We had chosen the NUCLEO Sport Fit jerseys which come with a longer sleeve, which proved a bonus in the heat.

It has all the necessary pockets and reflectors (of course this is meant for when you make your way to your local trailhead on the road) and a really nice wide grippy bit around your waste. For an off-the-shelf jersey this is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever tested. If you’re a big guy I cannot recommend this fit enough – you don’t feel like the Michelin man wrapped in cling wrap – you feel comfortable, in fact you may even feel “cool”!

RRP R1199.00