It’s been a hot box in the Western Cape for the last few months and while most welcome has ensured that we have got up nice and early to ride before it starts cooking. This has led to beautiful sunrises and smaller groups but has also highlighted the importance of nutrition while training/riding. I have to admit to bonking (cycle speak for hitting the wall #justincase) quiet badly one morning on a ride with my usual group. Now while riding up to the Blockhouse on the front of Table Mountain is a good, honest climb, and when linked up to a loop from Deadman’s Tree down to the quarry and back, a decent workout, it is something I have done 100’s of times. I had just started with my intermittent fasting regime (I know, I know) and had not eaten well the night before, one small protein shake was clearly not enough, and I hit the wall hard. Dizzy, racing heart rate, dry mouth and absolutely no power… it was a huge wake-up call. I am training for this years 20th Sani2C so we have upped the anti and trying to lose weight and hitting a longer, harder ride was not a good idea. A good rest, energy bar and gel was enough to get me back home but I was really broken for the rest of the day. Lesson: ensure you are well fueled before, during and replenish after! Trust me, I learnt the hard way.

There have once again been a spate of attacks in and around Cape Town on cyclists, runners and hikers. While Parks and SAPS are trying with visible policing in some hot spots, I would once again urge you not to do activities, particularly in the well-known crime areas, alone. Choose your routes and times as carefully as you can if you have to be alone. What a disgrace and indictment on our crime situation and lack of authority in the country, that we cannot enjoy these wonderful privileges without these concerns.
Finally it is Epic and CTCT coming up, Sani is around the corner and the trails and roads in particular, are extremely busy with cyclists. Our thoughts go out to Brent Herbert and his family; Brent was recently involved in a terrible cycling accident on Chapmans Peak and is currently in ICU. We hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Once again, the message is tolerance on the roads, patience by drivers and courtesy and consideration – from both vehicles and cyclists! The roads are dangerous at the best of times, on a bicycle you are extremely vulnerable. Use lights! Back and front. Being visible is a huge factor. Drivers give a little hoot – not a mad blast, that just gets everyone annoyed. When the road is tight or blind, just wait! It is never a long time you have to wait and you and the cyclist will get there. Just remember that it could be your parent, spouse, partner, child or friend on the bicycle – be kind!

I am so amped for Sani with it’s new routes and doing it with a crew of my best mates – it is going to be brilliant! Long and hard but brilliant. I can’t wait. Train hard, enjoy watching the Epic, riding your next event or just ripping up your local trails! See you out there.


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Shayne Dowling


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